Sheffield & Democrats Would Expand Mail-in Ballots

Some liberal Republicans and most Democrats are demanding expansion of mail-in ballots for the rest of 2020 (presumably in perpetuity thereafter).  Texas Dems have already gone so far as to file two lawsuits about just that!Why? Because it’s a lot easier to commit voter fraud with mail-in ballots. Because it’s much more difficult to cast a fraudulent ballot when you have to produce a form of identification and show up yourself personally. And because liberals never let a ‘good crisis’ go to waste!The Democrats’ lawsuit wants to use covid19 as a basis for immediate change, starting with the July runoff—as a prelude to the November general when Trump’s re-election and the very future of our country is at stake.

The thing is: Texans can already utilize mail-in ballots in certain circumstances (over 65 or disabled or out of the county).

But now, the leftists want to expand the criteria to include an excuse that just having the FEAR of contracting a virus, in and of itself, is a disability and therefore a reason to not have to show up, produce an I.D. and vote in person.

Why is this such a priority for the socialists?!

1. To set the stage for fraud.
2. To make it easier to illegally harvest votes.
3. To subvert the will of the people.

Shockingly, while conservatives including Attorney General Ken Paxton and all of the Republican members of the Texas Senate are fighting hard to protect Texas elections—HD 59’s long-term incumbent JD Sheffield once again proves why he’s the most liberal Republican in Texas, as this week he sided with the Democrats by announcing in a tele-townhall on 04/30/20, that holding mail-in ballot only elections “is a very interesting idea and one we’re going to have more discussions about in the next [legislative] session.”

He also said that the liberal states that already do mail in ballot only elections have the, get this, “security and proper vote counting solved.” Huh!?  What?! Unbelievable!

Don’t just take it from me though. The 44 second audio is above.

To see just a sampling of voter fraud cases involving mail-in ballots, visit:

Americans deserve elections that are FAIR, OPEN & HONEST.  Voter ID and in-person voting do just that!

Rest assured I will NEVER support an expansion of vote by mail in Texas.  It’s not an "interesting idea" as the liberal incumbent describes it, it's an AWFUL idea and one conservatives must ensure is dead-on-arrival.  Our House District and our state deserve a Representative who will always fight alongside other stalwart conservatives—NOT side with the liberal socialist agenda!!

Texas Red &
Texas Strong,