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The final numbers have finally come in for House District 59! I’m humbled to report that, because of YOU, the hard-working patriots of HD59, we won ALL 8 COUNTIES in our district.

While we enjoy a commanding lead of over 4,000 votes, the slate has now been wiped clean and a new election, a runoff election, will be held this May. State law dictates that a candidate must receive over 50% of the vote. We were just a few shots under that threshold.

Less than 48 hours after the polls closed on Election Day, our opponent—the most liberal 'Republican' fella in Texas—was already shaking the Austin special interest PACs for more cash. He is determined to stay in power and will continue to keep his allegiance to Austin and not us.

But friends despite all the money used against us, despite the innuendos, half-truths and outright lies, Central Texas made a TREMENDOUS statement!!! To put it simply—we sent a shockwave down the spine of The Establishment!

Despite over $1.3 million in cash spent against us, our grassroots-Constituent-First-campaign bested negative campaigning, mercenary-led personal attacks, and a liberal in a Republican cloak.

Thank you for the flood of sign requests, volunteer offers & donations coming in. We appreciate it & we need ya to finish this out!

Signs/volunteer: https://shelbyslawson.com/wearetxhd59/

Donate: https://shelbyslawson.com/donate/

Together we can do this. Together we will send an unmistakable message to all 181 legislators in Austin: when you stop working for the people--your constituents and bosses--we will SEND YOU HOME!

Mark your calendars:

Runoff Election:   July 14
Early Voting:   July 6-10

It’s been the greatest honor of my professional life to have your support, trust, and confidence as we continue this journey and fight onward to victory for the courageous conservatives in HD59!

God Bless You & God Bless Texas,

PC FREE ZONE - Two Minute Takes!
HD59 is in desperate need of change for authentic conservative leadership. These short videos expose the truth of a voting record that does not align with our conservative values.

What REALLY Happened With
The Sanctuary Cities Ban

 13 Times the Incumbent Voted
AGAINST the Pro-Life Cause

NRA Refuses to Endorse
Sheffield - Here's Why

Slawson HUGE Trump Supporter
The Incumbent Is Not!

What Has the Incumbent REALLY Done About Illegal Immigration?

The momentum for authentic conservative representation in HD59 is STRONG! Other campaigns are waging a libelous war against the people's movement to take back their seat in the House, but we know:
Texans admire truth, not mudslinging.

The official letter from the Department of Justice debunking those false claims can be found here

Our statement on the unfortunate dirty tactics
of opponents can be found here
and in this short video: